Industry Background and Development Information

The first market opportunities for designing and manufacture of Packaged Drinking Water on a commercial basis began with the requirement of high strength resins by water trade industry. In 2018, we set up our entire unit at high capacity of production level with superior procedure and ultra modern technology and machinery. Orizon packaged drinking Water aims to scale new frontiers of excellence. The highly experienced personnel rigorously supervise the implementation of quality control and assurance policy and its objective

Overview of the Industry

Water forms an essential part of every human being. Since it is a human necessity it makes best sense to do business in. As a normal human being requires an average of 2-3 liters of water every day and world population is more than one billion (growing at 2-3% annually) the business opportunity is enormous and the potential is largely untapped. It has grown at a rate of 38-40% annually over the past four years. Initially bottled water brands were promoted at clubs, fitness centers, cinemas, department stores, malls, ice-cream parlors, cafes and retail sports outlets, besides restaurants, hotels and supermarkets with good standard price. Other brands later began pitching for the larger middle class and lower middle class markets. Earlier bottled drinking water was privileged to high class, foreign tourist and highly health conscious people but the present decade has witnessed increasing popularity among average consumers, increasing living standards, disposable income, education and awareness among the consumers domestic and foreign tourist, sophisticated business houses and offices has increased rapidly the sales of bottled water in recent years.

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