Latest technology and manufacturing equipment has improved the quality of production packaged Drinking Water. Our quality was approved by Bureau of Indian Standard. Even the Water is being made fine with advanced equipment and ultra modern technology. Some of the technological innovations and upgradation is the key factor to achieve the success.

The water is processed with multi stage purification processes such as – sand filter, activated carbon filter, ultraviolet disinfection, ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Ozonization. Sand filter Eliminates load of total suspended solids in the raw water Activated carbon filter This filter removes most of the organic contamination and pesticide residuals from the water. It also controls taste and odor of water Ultraviolet disinfection (UV) Water is exposed to UV light of wavelength 245 nanometers (nm). A dosage of 16000 microwatt/ at 40? C for effective disinfection Ultra filtration A low pressure membrane process that removes dissolved organic macro molecules, viruses, pyrogen enzymes etc. Reverse Osmosis This process eliminates dissolved impurities like unwanted salts and retain minerals which are essential to human body Ozonization. This is the strongest oxidizer and disinfection agent which acts on broad speactrum of microbiological organisms. Filtration This pumps water through a microscopic filter that is rated for a certain size organism. The standard size rating is the micron Capacity flow rate 1000 lit/hour Raw water quality (assumed) 1000 ppm as TDS Motive power 1KW.